Snorkeling on Coiba island, whale watching in Cebaco island, hotel and tour reservations in Santa Catalina Panama

Visit Santa Catalina Panama

Be sure to visit Santa Catalina Panama, a meeting hub for all our international and local visitors. A place to disconnect and chill out. A place to build new and bonding friendships. A place to discover the many surrounding islands and beaches. An authentic fishing village in ‘el interior’, a place you would never want to leave.

Scroll through and find the information you need to make your stay in Santa Catalina, a pleasant one. Check out and reserve what suits you

Expeditions. Take part in the many expeditions. Join the whale and dolphin watching tours, snorkelling tours in Coiba national Park. Community based ecotours, very knowledgeable local guides, with a track record in efficiency and safety. Your reservations will help the community.

Outdoor activities Join in one of the outdoor activities mainly surfing, kayaking, SUP, trekking, snorkelling and scuba diving

Accomodation Choose from the various guesthouses, hostels, small hotels and eco-cabins. A wide selection of accomodations suitable for everyone’s budget

Coiba Island National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and Marine National Park is home to many rare and unique species and fuana. Formerly a penal colony, closed down in 2005, the islands and the surrounding seas are in an extraordinary state of conservation. A visit is a must.  Snorkelling day trips around the various sites in the national park, visiting the main island home to the Park ranger station, and walking up one of the short treks.