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Whale Watching Tours on the coast of Panama

In Panama between the months of August and October something magical happens, thousands of humpback whales arrive after a 5000-mile migration from the distant and frigid waters ofDiving Antarctica where they have been feeding for several months on krill.  After having made the longest known migration of any mammal, they rejoice in the warm soothing waters of Panama. The humpbacks choose Panama to breed and give birth for its safety and solitude. Here they can raise their young in peace, in temperate waters along an almost uninhabited coastline. The topography beneath the surface is that of an underwater mountain range, called the cordillera that stretches as far up as the Cocos islands of Costa Rica and as far down as the Galapagos Islands of Equador.

This unique underwater landscape brings the Humpbacks here as it provides the perfect training ground to teach and calf their young, with shallow bays and sharp drop-offs, they can shelter their young while nursing and yet dive down to the depths before breaching with explosive displays of incredible power and beauty, their elegance and emotions spraying out with every burst.

During our Whale Watching expeditions you could observe different whale behaviours. “Breaching” is when the Humpback whale jumps out of the water and then slaps the water as they come back down. “Fluking” is when their fluke (back fin or tail) is above the water, and if you are lucky enough you might observe “Spyhopping“, when the Humpback whale vertically pokes its head out of the water to get a better view of any surface activity. Another amazing fact about Humpback whales is that thay also produce a series of sounds referred by us as ´songs´ to communicate between themselves. Fantastic experience.

Join us for a day trip observing the Humpback whales and listening to them sing underwater. Not only, but probably we would also encounter dolphins and turtles. You will also enjoy amazing snorkeling and time to relax on the beach.

Whale Watching and Snorkelling Day Tour

Price $85 per person

Private expedition maximum 6 persons $450

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Our Expeditions include:
All Park fees
Packed Lunch and water
Licensed boats and qualified boat crew
A panga boat, fully equipped for your safety and comfort
Experienced whale watching and snorkelling guide
Snorkelling equipment
Safety and communication equipment on board
First aid kit on board

For a better experience, bringing your own cameras with zoom options and binoculars is highly recommended.

There will be time to relax and swim or snorkel on one of many sandy beaches. So bring your bathing costumes, sunblocks and towels. We also recommend to bring wind and/or rain jackets since the weather changes rapidly.